Schwinn Evoution Bike

For the past 10 days, I keep on going to California Fitness Centre for a physical exercise of riding Schwinn Evolution Bike.

Schwinn Evolution Bike is a well-designed fitness equipment. If one works hard, he/she can burn up to 600 kcal in a 45-minute session. For a 75-minute session, I think the kcal consumed should be around 1000. Too bad that the gym centre only provides 75-minute training classes on Saturday or Sunday only. Of course, I will spare some time to catch these classes.

I have seen some experienced players not putting their feet onto the paddle cage and not securing their feet tight with the strap. This is a bad practice. Some trainers have reminded that when the resistance is adjusted to very high, the two legs should work on a push-pull fashion. The strap will help one to lift up his/her feet thus producing a pulling strength. Without the strape tied, one just has the push power from the other leg which is stressful enough to harm your body.

Riding Schwinn Evolution Bike is a vigorous physical exercise. The warm-up part and the cool-down play plus the strecth are extremely important to relieve the body muscles gently.

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