Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) software

Microsoft has long been accused by users of doing nothing in combating spyware programs targetting at Internet Explorer (IE). It now releases Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) software .

These days, spyware brings tremendous damages to users. Frankly, it is really too late for Microsoft to release the anti-spyware software. One may say that it is better to do something late than doing nothing. In fact, users have resorted to third-party software such as Spy Bot Search and Destroy, and Lavasoft Adware SE, to help keeping spyware away.

I have completely lost confidence with Micrcosoft, especially on its capability to enhance Internet Explorer as a safe and secure browser. There are thousands of security loopholes in IE and new vulnerabilities are discovered every week, if not every day. The only way for Microsoft to restore users confidence is to complete scrap IE and develop a new browser that will closes all loopholes and strictly complies with W3C standard.

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